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    What is Arurumi?

    Our creative packs enable childcare facilities and families to save time and make their day-to-day life easier.
    We offer solutions for day-care centers to optimize their internal administration tasks and the management of their facilities. We provide a wide range of options for families to facilitate childcare. Our services and products respect the requirements of the SLOW movement.

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    What do we do?

    We anticipate our clients’ requirements and give quality, tranquility and innovative ideas to childcare facilities and families. Our packs allow you to save valuable time and to reduce daily stress. Our professional solutions guarantee that unique experiences in the family or kindergarten environment do not get spoilt.

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    How does it work?

    Sign up on our website to access the promotions and to keep updated. You can browse through all the categories and find the offer which best suits you. With just a few clicks you can get it delivered to your house or daycare facility if it is registered with us. If you represent a childcare facility, please contact us to validate the daycare center access.

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    Our values

    Our values center around finding a balance between the use of technology towards greater productivity and the optimal use of the time saved. There is a time for work… and a time to enjoy and share with our little ones.

Childcare facilities

Managing a childcare facility is a difficult task. Arurumi offers services and creative products to make daily tasks easier and thus give staff time to attend to really important issues. How can we help you?

Pegamento natural

Natural glue

Give wings to your creativity more safely and incorporate tranquility in creativity classes, knowing that the glue is made ​​from safe natural ingredients, gluten free, without lactose and egg.


Digital Newsletter

Your center may be technologically advanced, entering to 2.0 category. Performing such a digital newsletter for parents of all those events that are considered relevant.


Controlled Fever

It has never been so easy to measure children’s fever … using a natural and instinctive gesture, touch the forehead as if it were a mime. Discover the first market forehead thermometer.



Incorporates tranquility in creativity classes, knowing that the products are made ​​from safe natural ingredients traditionally used in our kitchens and gluten free.



Children grow up so fast. Arurumi offers creative products and services which allow you to enjoy this important stage in their life stress-free. Slow down and relax knowing that you can trust us to meet all your needs.

Cremas para bebé en formato familiar con ingredietes ecológicos

Ecological Creams

A line of totally natural cosmetics for baby care in familiar format, with organically grown ingredients, approaching the ecological in your day by day.

pintura ecologica

Family crafts


With this selection of natural and creative products made ​​from safe ingredients, childrens and parents can make their crafts quietly.

termometro contacto con la frente


It has never been so easy to measure your child’s fever … using a natural and instinctive gesture, touching his forehead as if it were a mime.


Artists in action

The work done by children during the course are small works of art to preserve and pride of all parents can now be converted into a scrapbook with a practical format to share with family and friends.


No stains or holes

No painting the entire floor, for very little and can remove scratches and have the perfect game room. Need a professional?